Eckhard Spiritual Center

We have a private retreat center for our supporting members! Make an appointment to visit our private retreat center in Richland, NY! Because we are located on a seasonal road that does not get plowed, our center is closed during the winter season.

At our private retreat center, we offer our members different types of energy healing and as well as immersing in deep spiritual work. Healing Sessions, Private Weekend Retreats, and Visitations are by appointment only. As to not disturb other appointments happening at the private retreat, visitors must make approved appointments before coming.

Feel free to contact us for an appointment or for more information about our services.



“My partner and I visited the spiritual center today for the first time and we would like to formally thank you. The center was absolutely beautiful, truly breathtaking. You all were so very passionate and we appreciated this so much. We thank you for the amazing home-brewed tea and coffee and snacks, we thank you for the hospitality, we thank you for the raspberry bushes, the shiitake log, the jam, the peppermint, we thank you for your energy, we thank you for letting us into your center, we thank you for being so accepting and making everybody feel at home, but mostly we thank you for your information. Everybody was so loving but also so passionate and informative – we learned so much today! I cannot express the amount of information we received today. We feel we left the center with an even greater insight on the beautiful world around us. Thank you very much!”

– Elia D., for Nature is Our Nature, an outdoor herbalism, mushroom innoculation, composting tea, and karma yoga workshop

“Today was all about me. Took the time out for my self-care. Ganapati Ananda, I had a blast with you as always and the detoxification – OMG I still feel amazing and the mud from India on my face just got me all bubbly. Can’t stop touching my face. It’s so smooth and soft. πŸ˜‰ Namaste.” πŸ™

– Oshu R., Ayurveda Detoxification Session