Yoga House Project

The Yoga House is a community outreach project within the Awakening Consciousness Fellowship with the mission of developing communities of like-minded spiritual sisters and brothers.

We currently have 2 Yoga House Projects - our Eckhard Spiritual Center in Richland, NY, and a brand new location, a Spiritual Center in Kathmandu, Nepal!

We are excited to share with everyone that we recently had a house donated to us in Richland, NY, located near the Redfield and Pulaski area. We now have a spiritual retreat center, Eckhard Spiritual Center, located at 22 Pennock Brook Drive West, Richland NY 13144. It is on a seasonal road, so please drive slowly. We are currently in a transitioning stage, so thank you for your patience and understanding. Hours are by appointment only. Please contact us if you are interested in stopping by. We would love to welcome you and show you around Eckhard Spiritual Center.

We were blessed that through the generosity of James D.Eckhard this beautiful rural property was donated to us to further our goals of providing community outreach that enhances the awakening of consciousness.  The property is wooded and has a tiny house and a larger building that we are currently working on to fix the roof that collapsed in the snow last winter.  It is a very beautiful rustic setting where deer make morning visits and there are many species of beautiful birds.  The jewel of the property is a heart shaped pond.

We invite you to plan a visit to our project but suggest it might be best to do so in the late spring and in the summer when the snow melts and the weather is better.  We are in the snow belt since we are relatively close to Lake Ontario and the seasonal road is often not open during the winter months.

Those who are interested can see videos and more pictures of this beautiful project at:

We invite you to be a part of something great and enjoy the Karmic benefits of helping further God's work spreading spiritual Truth's to the world. We need building materials - boards, metals, and other supplies - and all that costs money. If you feel called to assist in this project please visit our Support Our Cause page. Both monthly and one time donations are gratefully accepted. Thank you for your support and your prayers.