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Inspirational Quote: "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them."   Matthew 18:20

 Sep 2020 Public Events and Workshops

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Our Calendar of Events:

Due to Covid- 19, many of our gatherings are now online. As NYS has restrictions on in-person church gatherings, you must pre-register for our services held at Eckhard Spiritual Center. Please pre-register at

Re-Occuring Daily/Weekly Events

9am Power-Flow Yoga With Raj*

9am Power-Flow Yoga With Raj*
11am-8pm Karma Yoga/Seva/Spiritual Service, By Appointment Only
Come out to our Eckhard Spiritual Retreat Center and help volunteer to build our community! Help be a part of building our retreat cottages, constructing our healing room addition, or working on the Analyse Mystical Trailway!

9am Power-Flow Yoga With Raj*

11am-6pm Detox Day - By Appointment Only

Wednesdays are our Detox Days! Come for a Ayurvedic Mud Mask and enjoy a Ionic Detox Foot Bath! First Foot Detox is free.

8pm World Peace, Love, and Healing Guided Group Meditation
Our free weekly guided group meditation meets at 8pm. Join us for a guided meditation where we listen to a recording of Amma, the Hugging Saint, as we are guided into a peaceful, healing meditation for ourselves and the world. With weekly practice, one can feel themselves going deeper and deeper into meditation. Afterwards, we conclude with an energy healing prayer circle, an effective healing technique that has been given to us by Paramhansa Yogananda.

Meeting ID: 991 0048 1846

9am Power-Flow Yoga With Raj*

9am Power-Flow Yoga With Raj*

11am-5pm Energy Healing By Appointment Only

Come join us for an energy healing session! We offer all sorts of energy healing, ranging from meridian stimulators, tuning forks, chakra merkaba crystals, crystal singing bowls, crystal singing pyramids, essential oils, and more! We have specific treatments for different sorts of ailments and will work with you to find what treatment is best suited for your physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual needs.

9am Special Yoga Workshop (varies)

3:30pm Spiritual Exploration Study Group
In our free weekly Spiritual Explorations, we share and study various spiritual techniques and reading passages. Right now we are going over mudras.

Meeting ID: 920 5313 4906

Friday, Saturday, Sundays,
Private Weekend Retreat Days and Visitations by Appointment Only. Visitations on any other days are by Appointment Only as well.

*For our Power-Flow Yoga With Raj, feel free to try out a couple of classes for free! If you like it, for a minimum donation of $30/month to help support Raj and our Awakening Consciousness Fellowship, you can join our live, interactive 9am Mon-Sat classes! Each class is new and fresh, using different yoga sequences! No two classes are the same. You can join at 9am EST here:

Meeting ID: 825 5458 6883
Passcode: 883870

As we are in the process of opening our spiritual center as NYS opens up, there are more events to come! Please check back soon!

Please feel free to check out our Facebook page and our MeetUp pages for more in-depth information about each of our events and workshops and also invite your family and friends to join in.

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